Young people should care about politics and politicians should be doing more

With there being over 7.4million young people in the United Kingdom , young people (16-25) account for 12% of the population in the UK. With the voting age likely to be lowered to 16,  this makes a large target audience that is being overlooked and ignored.

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Youth employment and applying progressive ideas

Last week, I was delighted to deliver the guest address at the CESI Youth Employment convention taking part in The Oval.

Speaking as a mentor from the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, I spoke about the work we do at the trust and a little about my route into employment and the journey I have been on to get there.

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CESI Youth Employment Convention Guest Address Opening Speech

Last Tuesday 13th May, I was given the amazing oppertunity of opening the annual youth employment convention at the oval.

I have received a fantastic response and was able to meet many inspiring and all round incredible people.

Here is the opening speech I delievered at the beginning of the event which can also be found on the cesi website. Continue reading


The real scroungers in society – Dispelling the benefit fraud myths.

As of recent, channel 4 and several other media outlets have been on a witchunt, looking to openly humiliate and crucify those who recieve and claim benefits. Continue reading


GCSE Results

Best of luck to everyone receiving their GCSE results today. Remember your results do not define you. Don’t let your dreams and ambitions be dictated by what’s on a piece of paper. Out of all my GCSE’s the only one I failed was GCSE PE. Now where’s the irony in that! Where there’s a will there is always a way. If you want something enough and you are prepared to fight for what you want then you will get there regardless. Stay positive and the rest will follow xx


Benefit cuts – already a reality for young people

Earlier this year the new welfare reforms were announced and it was revealed that benefits were being cut to £53 a week.

As a result, this new revelation has been met with anger and dismay across the nation. Suddenly people are beginning to take a stand and understand just how ludicrous these cuts are and just how dehumanising they have become. Continue reading