I Was Born on the 9th of June 1992 , in Hammersmith London. Age 3 was diagnosed with GangliaNeuro Blastoma – stage 4 cancer.My parents were told in a years time I’d be in a wheelchair and in two years time I would be dead. Several Operations later, radiotherapy and chemotherapy against the odds, I beat the cancer and sustained almost full health. As a result from the treatment I was left with mild scoliosis and an overactive thyroid..

At 14 years old I decided to take up Thai Boxing to keep me fit and get me strong. I started of with private sessions at Carlson Gracie London where I learnt my foundation for thai boxing and I eventually became good enough to join in the classes where I was the only girl. After a year at carlson’s I decided to move to a gym where there would be more girls to spar with, so i moved to the prestigious London Shootfighters gym which became my ”home” where I stayed for the next few years. Training went from strength to strength and I even started to join in the MMA classes.

Due to family trouble at home, age 15 I was kicked out of my house by my parents and I went to live with family, then friends and then got involved in a bad relationship with a guy who was alot older than me. I was working, going to college and struggling to live on my own at the tender age of 16. Eventually it all became too much for me and I became suicidal and had a mental breakdown. I was admitted to the priory hospital in Roehampton where I spent the next 7 months trying to battle my depression.

Hospital proved a turning point in my life. Upon leaving I decided I needed to take a hold of my life and make it into something I would be proud of and happy to live. I decided I needed to do something which would challenge me not only physically but mentally too. I wanted to take up a new sport and give myself the goal to train and compete in it within the next year. After alot of searching online and research I found Genesis gym, where I took up Powerlifting. From the moment I walked into the gym and met my instructer Dave , I knew this was the sport for me. Since that day I havent looked back.

I started Powerlifting in Jan 2010 and by November that year I was competing at the world championships in Finland where I came 1st place in the teen category. I have since broken over 45 British and European records. At 48kg Bodyweight, I have lifted a 150 kg deadlift and squated 90kg

In 2011 I was chosen to be a part of the adidas Take The Stage olympic campaign where I appeared in over 30 billboards accross London. I had a short adidas documentary filmed on me and I was given the fantastic oppertunity of speaking at adverising week in new York.

I have since become an ambassador for 3 charities who I work very closely with. The charities are centrepoint , Young Minds and The Neuroblastoma alliance – who I am also a patron and childrens ambassador for. Each of the charities I am involved in have a special meaning to me and working with them is my chance to give back to some of the services which helped me.

In 2011 I decided to start doing food handouts to people who were homeless and in need. Every Christmas since 2011 I have organised a mass food handout event where people from the community have been able to get together and hand out food! clothes and other essentials to those sleeping rough and in hostels. From June 2013, as well as the annual event, I now do weekly handouts in Central London in which anyone is free to come along, help and support.

From December 2012 I became employed by multi billion pound company Deloitte as their first ever apprentice fitness instructor.

Since doing my apprenticeship at Deloitte I have been nominated for the apprentice champion of the year awards which takes place at the end of November 2014. I also won an award from learning providers Icon training as their learner of the year in which I won a plaque and an iPad.

Since April 2014 I have been taken on by the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust as a sports mentor which allows me to mentor young people, encouraging them to make a positive change in their lives through sport. I find this very rewarding as I am a keen advocate of youth development and believe that sport played a big role in my own recovery and is a positive way to channel negative energy.

I have now left my job as a fitness instructor at Deloitte and as well as the sports mentoring with the Dame Kelly Holmes trust, I work 3 days a week at the priory hospital as a health care assistant for people with mental health needs.


2 thoughts on “Author

  1. Hi Monique,
    I read your story yesterday and was blown away…absolutely inspiring!

    I manage the facebook page Dignity Entertainment and we are all about inspiring people to be better and do better. We partly do that through filmmaking but also tell stories of people we admire and you definitely fall into that category. So I would love to share your story on our page if that is OK with you. Page: . Let me know.

    As I was trying to find your contact details I realised you also play an active role in helping the homeless in London. We share that goal. I had about 25 people on the street on 21 Dec handing out gifts and food to the homeless. We are doing another run on 1st Feb and it would be an honour if you’d join us. You can read more about the format here:

    I really hope to hear from you and all respect to you!

  2. Such an amazing story, your talent not only as a sportswoman but equally as a young person with the fight embedded within you to battle all adversity is overwhelming.
    Your thought for others is dearly inspirational. One of the most awesome blogs I have read in a very long time.
    I will be following you with interest not only within your sporting activities but also here at WordPress.
    Inspiring even to a man of my age. An ex professional sportsman myself, who has been totally humbled with what I have read just now.
    A most incredible and resilient young lady indeed.

    Chris “Huey” Luke

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