Spoken Word: Lost Generation | Slaves to Society

Isn’t it sad that we live in an era where girls care more about being an instagram model than being a role model.

Where young women and men want people to look at them instead of looking up to them.

Teenagers and even young adults are sharing pictures and memes with ‘relationship goals’ along with a picture of a couple smoking weed and playing videos games all day.

Hashtag #RelationshipGoals because this is what our children are aspiring to be. Guys want a ‘ride or die chick’ and girls want a big bootie.

Where are the posts about life goals. Career goals and integrity goals. How did my generation become so lost and so short of morals?

How can you inspire a generation that are so consumed by their phones and their playstations, they don’t even know how to communicate face to face.

But if they looked up for long enough they’d see that the world is a beautiful place.

Why are young kids more concerned with being cool than being clever, and why do we have to choose between being intelligent and being ‘attractive’. Why can’t we be both?

We have pointless TV shows and celebrities whose only claim to fame is in how they look and not their brains.

We live in an era where not even our reality TV shows are real.

Everyday we are being force fed what to think and what to feel.

Blinded by societies idea of what to wear and how to act. Spending money on stupid fads.

We have an entire generation that is being dumbed down because our media, corporations and TV would rather have a generation of obedient sheep that are too brainwashed to be able think on their feet.

We’re in the 21st century but we’re still slaves.
The only difference is we don’t have the chains.


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