International Childhood Cancer Day 2015

As a childhood cancer survivor and the children’s champion of The Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Alliance, I’ve written a poem in aid of International Childhood Cancer day. Sending love and support to all the children and their families, thinking of you always!

Childhood cancer, such a brutal disease.

It shatters lives and it ruins dreams.

No child should ever, have to face something so cruel.

They should be playing games and going to school.

A child should not have to worry about losing their hair.

Why does life have to be so unfair.

Families should not have to fundraise to save their child’s life.

The chance to live shouldn’t come at a price.

Helpless and lost. The cancer has taken its toll.

You cannot change what you can’t control.

We’re gonna hold our heads high and carry on fighting.

We may be hurting, but well never stop smiling.

We won’t let it beat us or tear us apart.

We’re going to carry on loving with all of our hearts.

We’re going to stick together when times get tough.

We’re going to keep our heads held high when things are rough.

We’re going to buckle up and prepare for a bumpy ride.

Because we’ll never stop trying until the day that we die.

One thing I can be sure of is that we WILL find a cure.

And when that day comes well show childhood cancer the door!!

Thinking of all those who have so bravely fought and lost their battle with Neuroblastoma and gained their angel wings. Forever in our thoughts and always in our hearts.

         ♡In loving Memory

           Kyle Krawford  

          Fell Asleep on the 13th June 2014

            Aged 2


Kyle Crawford

Daniel Gilmour

Fell Asleep on the 6th April 2013

Aged 4

 Daniel Gilmour


     Millie-Rose Heaton    

14.06.11 – 02.07.14

Aged 3



    Oscar Knox  

10.09.09 – 08.05.14 

  Aged 4Oscar-Knox  Robyn Higgins

19.03.02 – 29.09.13

                                           Aged 11                                                           

Robyn Higgins  Adam Sandells

Fell Asleep on 23rd July 2009

 adam sandells


                                         Ben Lee  

Fell Asleep on 8th August 2011

Aged 22 months


ben lee                                       Felix White

Fell Alseep August 23rd

Aged 6

FELIX white    Hannah Edwards

   09.05.00 – 20.01.10

Aged 9


Hannah EdwardsJack Brown

01.01.03 – 03.05.09

Aged 6


 Jacob Marsland

       25.04.02 – 09.01.09    

Aged 6


Jacob Marsland

  Jamie Inglis 

17.08.05 – 15.01.13

Aged 7

Jamie Inglis     Adam Bird  

09.11.03 – 11.07.13

Aged 9



Sadie-Rose Clifford 

08.08.09 – 25.06.12

Aged 2

  sadie rose clifford

    Alfie Sharpe

19.08.07 – 21.04.14

Age 6



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