Young people should care about politics and politicians should be doing more

With there being over 7.4million young people in the United Kingdom , young people (16-25) account for 12% of the population in the UK. With the voting age likely to be lowered to 16,  this makes a large target audience that is being overlooked and ignored.

Young people are becoming disengaged and disillusioned with the democratic system as the services which many young people use and rely on are being axed and cut.

And with the constant attack on young people through the media and various political outlets, young people are left feeling isolated, attacked and alienated.

I recently read a statement claiming that almost two-thirds of young people, have little or no trust in politicians and believe that political parties are only interested in getting votes.

More needs to be done not just from politicians but also from young people ourselves to take the responsibility to become more actively involved and engaged with politics. We don’t just owe it to ourselves we owe it to the future of the country. If young people aren’t interested in how the country is run and the decisions that directly affect their lives then where will that leave us 20 years from now?

With only 44% of young people aged between 18 to 25 choosing to vote in the 2010 general election compared to 76% of over 65s it is clear that there’s a disconnect between the politicians and what they’re talking about, and what young people want to hear on the issues that they care about.

No real change can happen unless we as young people start taking a direct role in how our country is run and this means by making sure that we make our voices heard, and the way to do this is by making sure that we engage in the political process.

If the politicians and the political parties aren’t addressing the issues that we care about, it’s up to us to make them listen and start talking about them.

As a young person, how can we expect to see improvements and change if we are not prepared to become actively involved and engaged in the world around us and start to pay attention to the actions that are taken everyday by our political leaders in our name.

Young people are facing cuts to education services such as the abolishment of EMA, a rise in tuition fees and advice centres offering careers advice such as connexions face closure.

Not only should young people care about politics and the decisions being made, but politicians should be worried that young people don’t care about politics and the way things are run.

If young people aren’t willing to get involved now then where will that leave us 20 years down the line? It’s not just in the interest of young people and politicians but it’s in the interest of everyone, the future of the country rests upon it, which is why we should not only encourage but also to ensure that young people are not only getting their voices heard but also that their concerns are being acted upon.

Young people are not immune to the consequences of the decisions made by politicians and it is the youth who will be left to inherit all of the problems we face as a country, such as the ever growing problem of global warming, the recession, and the problem of overcrowding to name a few.

As a young person I feel it is essential for young people to understand,to learn and educate ourselves about polictics and history because politics is the venue by which laws are created. Laws which affect all of us whether directly or indirectly. It is this knowledge that allows us to be able to make informed decisions at the polls when we vote.

Knowledge is power, and knowing about politics allows us to apply progressive ideas and break the hold of the status quo.

The values and the lessons our children learn in school not only impact and reflect on our childrens future but it also reflects on the future and the progress of our country.
Therefore I feel it is important that young people continue to question and remain engaged in the world and its surroundings as the only way we can learn from past mistakes is by fully understanding them.

New minds bring new perspectives. And fresh minds refresh hearts!
The youth of today, are the leaders of tomorrow.

Young people should care about politics and if they don’t care then the question should be, why don’t they care?
It is not just for politicians to get young people involved and up to date, it is for young people to take responsibility for themselves and their peers and to start becoming more actively engaged and willing to take a stance and have a say on political matters and the issues we face.

Our future depends on it.


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