Democracy is dying and the system doesn’t work.

Politics affects each of us in some way or another. From the price of travel to the amount we pay towards tax, none of us are immune from the consequences of the decisions that politicians make.

As the population continues to increase so do the needs of the public.

The 2001 General elections saw a voter turnout of just 59% which was the lowest turnout since 1918 and the lowest ever under the full democratic franchise. 5 million fewer electors voted in the 2001 elections compared to the previous contest in 1997! It is clear that people have lost faith in a system that no longer works and is no longer fit for purpose.

The system is both out of date and out of touch with the public and their needs.

As the corruption of politicians continues to be exposed, it is hardly surprising that in a recent survey, it has been found that only 18% of the public say they trust MP’s to tell the truth.

MPs are using the expenses system to divert large amounts of public money into their own pockets. These are the men and women supposedly entrusted to run the country. They have the power to make decisions about invading other countries. They are the only people in a position to solve most of the serious problems facing ordinary people, yet they consistently fail to do so.

Politicians are paid by the public to represent the public, yet we continue to be let down often being overlooked and ignored. Politicians seem only interested in serving their own interests and the agenda of their party.

How can we trust our politicians to run the country and represent our best interests with honesty and integrity when it is the politicians who lie, cheat and deliberately mislead the public, claiming expenses for second homes, avoiding tax and covering up crimes.

How can politicians reflect the views of the people they represent when they are made up of a small group of wealthy elites, leaving the public feeling under represented and unlistened to. We don’t trust politicians because they fail to represent the people they serve and instead act on behalf of banks and corporations financing their parties and pulling their strings.

Why should a small minority of elites make the decisions affecting the lives of 65 million people.

It is hard to put my faith in a system that has so little faith in me.

People will vote if they believe it will make a difference and as it stands, the only real input we have is on voting day. The problem is that once elected,  politicians are free to do what they please until the next election without much, if any communication with the people who voted them in. People who don’t vote don’t think that their vote will make a difference and the people who do vote often end up being betrayed, i.e. Cameron’s cast iron pledge on the EU and Cleggs pledge on student fees.

As technology continues to advance, the likes of social media and the internet mean there is no reason why politicians remain so out of touch and disconnected from the people they are supposed to serve.

There are over 65 million people in the uk. The only way for politics to progress and provide an accurate representation of people and their needs is by introducing a fair system that allows us to vote for policies and not parties.

We should introduce a system where polls can be done online to find out how people feel about issues. The internet can be used for direct democracy where people get to debate on policies and enact new laws in favour of the majority. The public should have a say in the decisions being made rather than electing a leader to make the decisions for them. This would at least ensure the people’s real needs and views were reflected.

I think that too much emphasis is placed on individual people and parties rather than on the policies themselves. Who wins the election is no longer about the party with the best policies it becomes a popularity contest with people voting based on personalities rather than on policies and it becomes a game of which political party has the best campaign.

Politicians lie in order to get elected, then once in power do as they please. Politicians don’t represent their constituents nor do they consult with them.

The current democratic system does not work. It is no longer a democracy. People’s views are being overlooked and ignored in favour of banks and corporations who finance the parties. Politicians serve multinational corporations and banks not us. They fiddle their expenses. They lie blatantly and don’t even bother hiding it, ie Cameron’s cast iron pledge on the eu, cleggs pledge on student fees. They are no longer chosen by selection at local level by local parties, but ‘parachuted’ in on a nepotism basis like in all other 3rd world countries.

The main 3 parties no longer represent the majority of the people and their views. It doesn’t matter who we vote for as politicians have their own agenda based on information we never get to see.

Mp’s have been completely ignoring election pledges and promises and the public have been left suffering the consequences for far too long.

Politicians no longer have the people’s best interest in heart and instead are in it for themselves working for their own agenda set by people at the top.

Things have got to change and it’s time that the Great British public stand up, speak up and get their voices heard!

The only way to implement positive and progressive change is if the whole system is changed.

“No nation – not even Britain! – can long prosper or progress when it’s own leaders are careless, hostile or oblivious to their own nation’s best interests.”

Please check out to find out which party best represent your values based on policies.


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