Celebrity big brother- Producing yet more examples of what not to aspire to

So after watching the Big Brother Finale, and seeing Charlotte Crosby being crowned the Celebrity big brother champion as chosen by the public, it suddenly dawned on me that the reason we have so many bad role models in the spotlight is because we create them.

By allowing Charlotte to win, not only are we condoning and encouraging her to continue her disgusting behaviours, we are also sending out the message to young impressionable girls that irresponsible behaviour will be rewarded. That it is ok to degrade yourself on television and in public. And that it is ok to publically humiliate yourself for the entertainment of others.

What I find most ironic, is the fact that I can almost guarantee that a large majority of these people who voted to crown charlotte the victory, are more than likely the same people who jumped on their high horse to slaughter Miley Cyrus and her performance at the VMAs a couple of weeks ago.


Charlotte was and has been very clever in the way in which she has marketed herself and presented herself in both celebrity big brother and in Geordie shore. Charlotte’s selling point is marketing the fact that she is ‘just like one of us’. As a result making herself endearing to the public. Pushing the idea that she doesn’t care how she is perceived or what anyone thinks of her. However the problem I have with Charlotte is that everything she does is on the extreme end of the spectrum. As human beings, we all fart and burp, and occasionally we may drink too much. That’s life. We all make mistakes and do things we aren’t proud off. But with Charlotte it isn’t just a one off. She is a one trick pony, who is trying to keep her 5 minutes of fame by doing what she knows best. It may be cute on TV, but in every day life what self respecting person would get so drunk that they would relieve themselves in public. It may be entertainment but it’s definitely not reality. In reality if someone was talking to you and proceeded to fart loudly midway through conversation I am quite sure it wouldn’t be as humorous as it is on our screens.


Charlotte first came to our attention on ‘reality show’ Geordie shore. Along with The Only way is Essex and Made in Chelsea, all are made for entertainment purposes only. They even have a disclaimer at the beginning of each episode to reiterate the fact that most of the content is purely for entertainment purposes only. These shows are not reality. This new wave of reality TV is no more real than watching an episode of Eastenders.


Nowadays everyone and anyone can have their 5 minutes of fame. With the sudden surge of ‘reality’ shows hitting our TV screens it has become increasingly easy to gain celebrity status. Charlotte is a grown woman and what she does and how she acts in her own time is her choice. The bottom line is, once you are in the public eye then I believe you have a duty of care, especially to younger fans and followers to act responsibly and appropriately when in public.


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