Benefit cuts – already a reality for young people

Earlier this year the new welfare reforms were announced and it was revealed that benefits were being cut to £53 a week.

As a result, this new revelation has been met with anger and dismay across the nation. Suddenly people are beginning to take a stand and understand just how ludicrous these cuts are and just how dehumanising they have become.

I would love to join in with the outrage and the shock but unfortunately for young people this is nothing new. As many young people under 25 will already know, £53 is actually all young people are currently entitled to claim when out of work.

Yet despite this shockingly low amount people are expected to live off when out of work, I still find it quite disturbing that there are still a considerable amount of people who have this mentallity that people on benefits have it easy.

There is nothing fun or easy about living off benefits. When you take into consideration the fact that benefits do not cover the costs of things such as gas, electricity, food, water bill, travel, tv bill and phone bill, the prospect of living on £53 doesn’t seem so desirable. The media are very quick to misguide you into believing that individual benefit claimants are receiving thousands of pounds in hand-outs when actually majority of this money claimed in benefits, such as housing benefit goes directly to the landlord, in which most cases is the council. Hence the reason it is so damning to reduce the amount people can claim in jobseekers and income support to £53.

I’m growing tired of hearing people talk about the young bloke next door who has a house, doesn’t work and is living it up on his benefits. Spending all his dole on booze and a flat screen TV. Let’s us not forget that young people who are not in work and who claim job seekers are given £53 a week. Thats £212 a month.

Now I’m struggling to understand why and how you can envy someone who has more than likely had to miss meals, miss bill payments and get themselves into countless debt in order to live a lifestyle that they can’t afford.
From the outside it may look as if those receiving benefits have everything handed to them on a plate but look a little closer and you’ll see that not everything is a green as it seems.

We shouldn’t complain about people who are not in work. We should complain about the lack of services which are there to encourage people back into work. It’s too easy to blame the people instead of addressing the real issue which is the system!

There is no incentive to help get people off benefits and back into employment. You find a job and suddenly you find yourself in the situation of no longer having the security of housing benefit and you find majority of your wages going on bills. More often than not, you end up working 5 days a week 10-12 hours a day only to find yourself struggling to keep your head above water.

Ultimately the benefit system is there to pick up those who fall on hard times. Of course there will be those few people who try and abuse the system but that doesn’t make it ok to generalize and tarnish everyone under the same brush. I’m a young person, I work full time , live independently, and im not on any benefits BUT I have been through the system and i came out the other end! So please think before you go judging. Not everyone is the same.


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