No honour in bullfighting.

Looking back on history and reflcting on some of the past times that were once part of tradition we can all agree that there are some things from the past which are better of staying there. Being nothing more than a part of history we can look back on and be thankfull we have learnt from.

The argument that Bullfighting shouldn’t be banned as it is “part of culture and tradition”, is the mot ridiculous and outdated statement I have ever heard.

It used to be part of British tradition to witch hunt and throw people they thought were witches into the river to see if they float. Just because it used to be part of culture doesn’t make it right.
It is completely ludicrous. Times change and so do traditions. That is what evolution is about. Adapting to the environment. Despite this there are still places and people who are still living in the past. Too ignorant and too stubborn to change.

There is nothing ‘honourable’ or ‘noble’ about killing for fun or killing in the name of entertainment. You wouldn’t slowly torture a cat or a dog to death purely to satisfy the sadistic needs of a crowd, so how can we as human beings justify the vile and barbaric torture of a bull in the ring.

We all agree it is wrong to hunt and kill elephants for their tusks and rhinos for their horns, so how is this any different. Poachers kill and exploit animals for money and so do bullfighters. One of the top spanish bullfighters Jose Tomas demanded more than 400,000 euros to appear at madrid’s anual bullfighting festival! Thats £366,000! It is clear that this ‘sport’ is less about honor and more about making a lavish salary to the people who take part.

They call it a bullfight, but what kind of fight is it where there is only one set outcome. Certainly not a fair one. There have been occasions where the bull has gored, injured and in extreme cases even killed a matador during one of these so-called ‘fights’. In a normal fight this would surely mean the bull has won, free to be released back into the wild? But this not the case in bullfighting. Regardless of what the bull does in the ring, there is only one fixed outcome, and that is a certain, slow and painful torture of an innocent animal lured to its death.

For anyone unaware of how bullfighting works, prior to the bull entering the ring, it is kept in a dark room for several days with no food or water to weaken it before it goes into the arena. Vaseline rubbed into its eyes to impair its vision. The bulls ribs and kidneys, are hit with a sack of wet sand to weaken it further. Cotton stuck up its nose to impair it breathing. Knitting needles, shoved into its testicles to make it appear angry and aggressive. This is all before the bull has even stepped foot into the arena.

A lot of people are quick to overlook the fact that aswell as the cruelty the bulls have to endure, it is not only the bulls which lose their lives. The horse which the toreros(the bullfighters less senior to the matador) ride on are subject to a tremendous amount of cruelty during the whole fiasco. Prior to the horses coming out onto the arena, they have their vocal chords cut out, to stop spectators from hearing their screams. Quite often the horses being ridden on get disemboweled in the arena. With some cases having more horses being killed than the bulls.

Bullfighting is financed with public money. With the spanish fighting bull breed industry being allocated 600 million euros in grants in 2008 alone. A ridiculous amount of money for a country in economic crisis struggling to keep their heads above water. Not to mention that its more money than the entire annual municipal budget for culture, sport and basic social services in spain which is currently at around 450,000 euros. So not even half a million euros!! If countries such as spain have to clutch onto this shameful excuse of a ‘sport’ as culture then it tells me that they don’t have alot to hang on to at all. Maybe if they used the money they recieve to fund this ‘sport’ and invested it into developing other aspects of their culture then maybe they wouldn’t have to continue to isolate themsleves from the rest of the world.

Any country which is not prepared to adapt and re-evaluate it’s laws in accord to public interest need to get with the times or else risk being left behind.



4 thoughts on “No honour in bullfighting.

  1. For what it’s worth, the writing is actually very good. My issue was with the content, which is factually incorrect in many parts.

    Thanks for also creepily tweeting me and bringing in a political affiliation which was totally irrelevant to the point.

    As I mentioned on Twitter, I have also published on anti-bullfighting since 1700. If you’d cared to take as much time looking into what I am actually researching rather than making irrelevant Tweets that might have solved a problem…

    1. Interesting. Is being rude the only way politicians these days can win a debate. Mark Mckinty from the Ulster Unionist party you are rude, obnoxious and have an extremely bad attitude. All my information is referenced from the BBC and the Guardian so if you like I can pass on their details if you think my article is factually incorrect and you would like to take this up further with them.

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