Big Girl Skinny Girl

Ok, so for my first blog post, I feel it’s important for me to write a piece about something that has been bugging me quite alot rather recently.

All throughout facebook, I find myself having to look at pictures and memes which either ridicule being a certain shape or size or puts being a certain shape or size above another.

I mean don’t get me wrong I am all for people being proud of who they are and I like to see women take pride in their appearance and not be sucked into the whole idea of having to look a certain way in order to be accepted into society, but sharing a picture of an overweight cartoon lady with a caption saying “real women have curves” isn’t showing me that you are happy and confident in yourself. The only thing sharing these type of memes show is that you are deeply insecure and clearly have some deep rooted issues that sharing a meme isn’t going to solve.

Someone who is truely comfortable in their own skin and someone who accepts themselves and is confident in the person they are does not feel the need to belittle someone who is different to themselves in order to make themselves feel superior.

Now I wouldn’t have a problem with the memes if they had their picture and maybe a caption saying something like ‘you don’t have to be slim to be beautifull’ but every meme I have seen reffering to bigger girls has always got the underlying message that bigger girls are somewhat superior to those who are smaller. That big women are real women and if you are not big then you can’t class yourself as a real women.


The media very proudly contribute and fuel the stigma surrounding body image and constantly bombard us with images of photoshopped celebrities, underweight models and scantily clad women. As of lately these kind of images are recieving more and more complaints and recieving more negative responses than before and rightly so.

Women will be the first to complain that it is not right to portray an unrealistic image of beauty by using size 0 models who have been heavily photoshopped as the average woman is considerably bigger, being a size 14 in the UK. Also most women (including myself) very strongly believe that the media’s desire to only include petite models in advertising, excludes and isolates certain bodyshapes and puts a trememndous amount of pressure on young girls and teenagers who are at an impressionable age and are subject to having to be exposed to these images where it is put into their heads that you have to look like the girls you see in order to be beautifull. These images are extremely dangerous and can be the onset and trigger to eating disorders, low self esteem and body dysmorphia. Which brings me back to the original topic of the memes. I understand the frustration women share, when the only thing you see is images of dangerously thin young models everyone you turn, but is posting an image of a size 20 woman with a caption
saying ‘skinny girls are for wimps’ really that much different. Pot calling kettle black much? The only difference being that actually, the memes are a lot less subtle.
Now how about that for irony.


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